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Carrick Lowland Gathering - Heavy Weights

heavy weights

Heavy weights at the Carrick Lowland Gathering

The heavy weights competition is organised by Jan Dearie

The contest is organised under Scottish Athletics rules.

The contest commences at 1:00pm


  • Putting the 16lb Shot
  • Throwing the 28lb weight
  • Stone Putt (Standing)
  • 56lb weight for Height
  • Tossing the Caber


Click here to download the entry form

Ground Records

  • Putting the 16lb shot putt - K. Randels 39.32m 2012
  • Putting the Shot - K. Catlin 14.99m 2010
  • Throwing the 28lb weight/distance - J. Young 22.32m 2003
  • Throwing the 56lb weight/height - M. Hunter 15' 2002

The heavy weights athletes will contest the championship over the five traditional events listed above. Each competitor is awarded points depending on their finishing position in each discipline. The points from each event are added up to give each athlete a grand points total and overall position.

The committee would like to thank these sponsors for their assistance with funding the Lowland Gathering. Please click on any logo for more information.

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