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About Girvan Attractions


Girvan Attractions was set up in 1973 and became a registered charity in 2019 for the benefit of the local community and is run by local volunteers of all ages.

We organise events which appeal to families in Girvan & District and the wider area. The main events we organise are the Carrick Lowland Gathering, Civic week which includes the Senior citizens party, Car treasure hunt, and Pet Show. Girvan & South Carrick Fireworks Display. We also open Stumpy Jail to the public throughout the summer

Betty Mc Quiston - Chair Person

Jane Willis - Vice Chair Person

David Girvan - Treasurer

Sconaid Clark - Secretary

Sharon Kennedy - Stumpy Jail Co-Ordinator

Our meetings are held in Boyle Court on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm which are open to all.

The committee would like to thank these sponsors for their assistance with funding the Girvan Attractions organisation running costs and event equipment.

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