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About Girvan Attractions


Girvan Attractions was set up in 1973 and became a registered charity in 2019 for the benefit of the local community and is run by local volunteers of all ages.

We organise events which appeal to families in Girvan & District and the wider area. The main events we organise are the Carrick Lowland Gathering, Civic week which includes the Senior citizens party, Car treasure hunt, and Pet Show. Girvan & South Carrick Fireworks Display. We also open Stumpy Jail to the public throughout the summer

Jane Willis - Chair Person

Michelle Thomson - Vice Chair Person

David Girvan - Treasurer

John Mc Creath - Secretary

Sconaid Clark - Minutes Secretary

Jackie Bryden - Social Media

Our meetings are held in Duff St. Kitchen on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.00 pm which are open to all.

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