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Carrick Lowland Gathering - Crowning

Civic week crowning

Crowning at the Carrick Lowland Gathering

The crowning of the Civic King & Queen, Squire and Lady in waiting will take place at the Carrick Lowland Gathering at 12:45 pm

The civic dignitaries represent both primary schools – Girvan Primary and Sacred Heart where the pupils themselves choose the civic dignitaries. The dignitaries hold the position for a term of one year.

This year’s civic dignitaries are Taylor Devine (Queen), Rory Wilson (King) , Gregg Brown (Squire), Courtney McDonald (Lady in waiting)

The civic dignitaries attend all civic week events organised by Girvan Attractions and events organised by other community organisations such as the RNLI harbour gala and the bowling club final. They also visit all local care homes and the Girvan community hospital.

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